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It's impossible escaping the powerful attraction of Venice, an irresistible seduction.
Its glorious past of "Serenissima" makes it the ideal place for the dialogue and the meeting, a place where things "occur" magically. Then the house becomes an important part of a discrete adventure, subdued, intimate, rich of emotions, where every window is a scenography, a view, a constant return to the history of the city.

The changeable effects of the light spread all over the inside room with the same romantic suggestion that inspired Turner's painting. The chosen little abode tells of a vision of the world, of taste for beauty and of an intense wish to share.

The house in Venice express the owner's life Philosophy, as a Physician and Esthete. Humanistic education has made him particularly sensitive to History by evaluating Classical art.

The owner: Paride Zappavigna.